Launch CMD and type powercfg -batteryreport periodically in order to see how the battery’s capacity evolves over time. That’s not bad, but I do feel the manufacturer should not create false expectations, especially since the laptop is really far from delivering speed dating tdp. I don’t play games often on this laptop though, but I expect this to be an issue you might run into if you will push the XPS. I no longer have to swipe my fingers exactly in the middle of the surface, but I still run into occasional hiccups and freezes, especially when dealing with large webpages or the Facebook timeline. Knowing what I know today, I’d think twice before buying the XPS 13. I have high expectations from my laptop and I’m aware no computer would be able to meet them all. As for the trackpad, it feels nice and it performs well as long as you keep to swiping, pressing and taping. I mingled with the settings and tried the different BIOS updates available at the time and managed to up the frequency to a maximum of 2 speed dating tdp. The experience is much nicer during the autumn and winter months, but for those of you living in hot environments, keep in mind that this laptop tends to get warmer than most others with daily use.

The laptop feels a bit snappier with Windows 10, although this new OS does seem to eat more RAM than Windows 8. The Asus Zenbook UX305UA could be a solution as well, especially since it has a great price, but not that much for me, as I’d still have to live with a subpar keyboard and the lack of keyboard back-lightning, among others. Everything worked fine while it was plugged in. This also has a negative impact on the display’s perceived brightness. Dell did release one or two TouchPad software updates in the last months, which improved the experience, but none actually solved the problem. And there’s also the issue of the battery wearing off quickly, which I will address in the following section. But there are certain aspects most reviews won’t tell you about this XPS—mostly because it’s impossible to notice such details in only a few days of tests. Share this article: Terms beginning with M MACC MACP MAGD MAHA. But it’s definitely something you should keep an eye on.

Also keep in mind, the initial version of this article was put together in September 2015, 8-months after I bought the laptop, and I updated it periodically afterwards. Update1: 10 months in, nothing else has changed. Now, high temperatures were expected on such a compact device with an aluminum case, specially since the fan rarely has to kick on..
. The interior has held-up extremely well too, although it does collect smudges easily and I have to wipe it clean every couple of days. The Lenovo ThinkPad X260 would be the alternative I’d consider, but it’s thicker, heavier and more expensive. It feels solid and it barely shows any dents or scratches on its metallic exterior, despite the fact that I haven’t pampered it. TurboBoost works as it should as well, both on battery or when plugged in. ..


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